Mozambique ready to launch a baseball championship in Maputo


While the formal recognition of a National Federation of Mozambique from WBSC is still underway, six teams will participate in a baseball championship in the city of Maputo as early as 2019. A converted bull fighting arena will become the municipal stadium

In April 2017 WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari visited Mozambique and commented: “There is a concrete, positive movement and enthusiasm for baseball in Mozambique, which is attracting a growing number of young people to try the sport. The budding interest in baseball has also been noted by governmental authorities here, as it represents an opportunity to expand the sporting landscape in Mozambique while having a positive impact on local economies.”

Little over than a year later his words became reality. Mozambique is now ready to launch an official championship in the city of Maputo. Six teams will participate.

While the formal recognition of a National Federation from the World Baseball Softball Confederation is still underway, the organizations obtained the necessary permits to rework a municipal stadium and begin training and competition.

Maputo Mozambique

Bullfighting was introduced in Mozambique by the Portuguese. A former Arena will become the Municipal Baseball Stadium in Maputo

“To reach the next stage of becoming a major global sport and position baseball and softball as long-term Olympic events, Africa can and will play a key role to acheive these objectives.” said Riccardo Fraccari as WBSC launched the first Africa Summit, “we are excited to learn that our visit last year generated enthusiasm and that the local baseball movement is growing.”

The development of the game of baseball in Mozambique has seen Edward Orrizzi as its main advocate. Orrizzi, who grew up in the United States and graduated at Stanford University, played over 500 games in the Italian Baseball League (1974-1985), hitting 126 home runs. He represented Italy at the international level in 68 games.