National Baseball5 Championship takes off in Tunisia

National Baseball5 Championship takes off in Tunisia
The National Baseball and Softball Federation was nominated to the Olympic Torch Award for making the urban version of baseball-softball popular

The Baseball and Softball Federation of Tunisia (FTBS) was nominated by the National Olympic Committee (CNOT) for the Prix du Flambeu Olympicque (Olympic Torch Award) for the category Gouvernance Sportive.

The nomination comes for making Baseball5 popular through open days in different Regions (vulgarization du Baseball5, journées portes ouvertes à travers plusiers régions). The CNOT Olympic Torch Award will be announced later this month.

"We took Baseball5 to the streets, the the school….everywhere," said FTBS President Saber Jilajla. "Minister of Youth and Sport Sonia Ben Cheikh was very impressed by Baseball5 and is fully supporting the project."

Tunisia inaugurated the first Baseball5 National Championship on 1 December. A total of seven teams participated to the opening day: Association Feminine Ouerdanin, Club Baseball Softball de Ben Arous, Association Sportive Militaire du Kef, Association Feminine de Sousse, Vague Sportive de Rejich, Sporting Ben Arous, Association Sportive de Bizerte.

"Baseball5 is the best way to move on easy. It's easy, it requires not much time to play a game and there's no venue involved," commented Jilajla.