New CPBL Commissioner Hwang seeks League expansion


The new Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) Commissioner Hwang Jenn-Tai, along with his Secretary-General Liang Kung-Pin(known as Brady), are realistic about the work ahead, but also have set a number of goals.

Jason Pan

The new Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) Commissioner Hwang Jenn-Tai, along with his Secretary-General Liang Kung-Pin(known as Brady), are realistic about the work ahead, but also have set a number of goals.

Among the priority tasks for CPBL, Commissioner Hwang is looking to expand the League, from the current 4, to 6 teams in a few year’s time.

In a meeting with sport journalists, Hwang said the League is now talking to some of Chinese Taipei leading enterprises, as prospective owners of new CPBL team franchises.

Hwang, “Now we have 4 teams in the CPBL, but the League can expand to have franchises. This way it can improve the competition, have more combination of rivalry games, and bring fans back to the ballparks”.

Hwang also made it clear that he is quite optimistic to add one new team after this season, but he knew it will involve at least one whole year’s worth of preparation work, setting up the ballclub operation, and training players to pro game levels.

He added that hopefully the League will add another franchise in a 3 year time, in order to definitely become a 6 team League.

The current 4 ballclubs in the CPBL are: Uni-President 7-11 LionsSinon BullsLamigo Monkey and Brother Elephants.

In speaking to the press, Hwang also said, “People have strong connections to baseball. It reaches to the grassroots and it is a symbol of our cultural identity. We have to re-ignite the fan passion for baseball; the game can become a positive guiding force for our society.”