Palestine awards U-17, U-15 Baseball5 titles

Palestine awards U-17, U-15 Baseball5 titles
It's the third U-15 title for Beach Services amongst boys, the first win for Al-Ahly amongst girls. Beit Hanoun Al-Ahly wins amongst girls over 17 years of age.

Beach Services and Al-Ahly are the new U-15 Baseball5 champions of Palestine. They both claimed their respective title having gone undefeated.

Beach Services won amongst boys. It's their third title in this age bracket. Al-Ahly finished second.

Al-Ahly won in the girls category, claiming their first title in the age group. The Gaza Baseball and Softball Academy finished in second place.

Beit Hanoun Al-Ahly won in the girls' over 17 age bracket. The Rafah Services club finished second.

Mahmoud Tafesh, a former professional soccer player, fell in love with the game while in Egypt with the national soccer team and introduced baseball/softball in the Gaza Strip.

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Given the lack of space available in the Gaza Strip and the absence of a proper field, Baseball5 became a natural fit and was introduced at the end of 2018.