Palestine Women's Baseball5 Championship won by Al-Nasr Al-Arabi 'A' squad

Palestine Women's Baseball5 Championship won by Al-Nasr Al-Arabi 'A' squad
The nine-team tournament marked another step forward in the development of the new five-on-five discipline, helping baseball/softball grow in new territories, such as the Gaza Strip.

In another advancement for the globalisation and practice of Baseball and Softball, a new Baseball5 event was recently organised in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Nasr Al-Arabi 'A' won the Palestinian Women's Baseball5 Championship, defeating Al-Nasr Al-Arabi 'B', 6-4, in the Final that was played in Gaza.

A total of nine teams, split into two groups, participated. Al-Nasr Al-Arabi 'A', Al Shatea, Al Mughraka and Beit Hanoun Al Ahly 'B' competed in Group A. Al-Nasr Al-Arabi 'B', Beit Hanoun Al Ahly National Club, Youth Vision Association, Amwaj and Center Club Nursery played in Group B.

Mahmud Tafesh, the chairman of the Baseball and Softball Committee of the Palestinian Baseball and Softball Federation said the milestone event was meant to serve as the first step for developing Baseball5 in the Gaza Strip.

The tournament was organized with the support of the Matkot Federation. Matkot is a racquet sport similar to beach tennis and very popular in Palestine since the 1920s.

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