Puerto Rican baseball league to re-open April 2021

Puerto Rican baseball league to re-open April 2021
Puerto Rican Baseball Federation President José Quiles Rosas said the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back the opening later than the traditional February date.

The Executive Committee of the Puerto Rican Baseball Federation (FBAPR, Federación de Béisbol Aficionado de Puerto Rico) set the opening date of the island's "Double-A Championship" (Béisbol Superior Doble A, the main league run by the Federation) to 11 April 2021.

This year's season was suspended on 12 March due to the pandemic.

"We won't be able to start on the traditional February date," confirmed FBAPR President José Quiles Rosas. "The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world of sport and has had an impact on our federation. No matter the dates, what counts is having a Double-A Championship in 2021."

The Executive Committee will meet on 1 December to finalize the safety protocols. The first meeting of the participating clubs is scheduled for 17 January 2021

Rosas added that after getting the Double-A Championship underway, FBAPR will tentatively plan the opening of the Youth Double-A and the Women's League Championships.