Softball coaching course a success in Bulgaria

Softball coaching course a success in Bulgaria
Almost 50 Bulgarian coaches and players participated in the 11-day seminar in Sofia.

With the support of Olympic Solidarity, the Bulgarian Softball Federation hosted a Technical Course for Coaches, specialized in softball pitching and hitting. The seminar was held at the Technical University in Sofia, from 18-28 November, and was given by international coaches Kyla Holas and Craig Snider.

The level 1 course aimed to improve the knowledge of almost 50 Bulgarian coaches and players, improve their training skills and familiarize them with the newest trends in softball.

The course included both theory and practical knowledge. During the theoretical activity, the participants worked on understanding the techniques, through checkpoints of motion and finding the right exercises for fixing specific mistakes. During practice time, the coaches undertook exercises, learning new drills.

Bulgaria is ranked 55th in the WBSC Women’s Softball World Rankings.