Softballers find ways to stay connected, 'playing catch' via social media

Softballers find ways to stay connected, 'playing catch' via social media
The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of all sports activities around the world. But softball teams and players have found a way to remain together in these difficult times of social distancing.

Solidarity, resilience and togetherness are some of the values of softball as a sport, at all levels, both on and off the field. That feeling that you're not alone facing the adversity, that your team is supporting you in difficult times, that you can count on them every day and every time.

During these trying times, when everyone must stay home to be safe, and players cannot be on the softball field, teams from around the world have found a way to stay connected and “play” the game they love, even in social distancing times. 

In videos going viral on social media, players are passing the softball to another, stitching individual video clips together to create the effect, while respecting social distancing measures. 

Sara Groenewegen and her Canada Women’s Softball National Team friends responded to the news about the postponement of the Olympic Games for 2021 coming together in this video.

High school, college and senior teams are showing their tight bond with this kind of videos. It’s the case of the Lady Patriots, the George Washington High School Softball Team from Chicago, Illinois, stating: “We miss our GW Softball Family, but we know how to bond from a distance! Let’s play catch!”

We can find another example in South America. Patronato, a softball club from Parana, Argentina, made their version of the video as the country remains under quarantine. With the hashtag #SafeAtHome, the video shows men, women and youth players and their families playing catch, including some of the Argentine 2019 Men’s Softball World Championship team. 

College softball season was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak but players and universities remain in the game via social media, saying “Who says you can't play catch while social distancing?”

The same as other sports, softball stands as a source of hope and joy in these difficult times.