MLB players compete via video game amid COVID-19 pandemic

MLB players compete via video game amid COVID-19 pandemic
Every MLB Club has designated a player to compete in a video game competition. The championship series is scheduled on Sunday, 3 May. The Ile de France league provided an European alternative through MLB 9 innings 20.

Major League Baseball (MLB) players have taken to competing against each other through a video game as they wait for the coronavirus pandemic to subside and regular season to finally open.

One player from each big league has been designated to play MLB The Show. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have made it to the American League finals, while the National League is in the semi-final stage, as the St Louis Cardinals will face the Cincinnati Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers will face the Milwaukee Brewers.

The best-of-five championship series is scheduled on Sunday, 3 March.

The event is meant to engage baseball fans around the world and raise funds for Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

In a time when players are kept off the field by the COVID-19 pandemic, Europe is also experiencing baseball as an e-sport. The Ligue d'Ile de France launched a competitive championship to be played through MLB 9 innings 20, an app available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Players willing to participate can register through Discord, a community of video gamers.

The Association known as League d'Ile de France of Baseball, Softball and Cricket was founded in 1933 with the goal of practising the three sports. It is functioning under the authority and within the Statutes and Regulations of the French Federation of Baseball and Softball.