Africa: New Baseball5 Beach Tournament to be held in Tunisia on 13 August

Africa: New Baseball5 Beach Tournament to be held in Tunisia on 13 August
The event will also celebrate National Women's Day in the North African country.

Baseball and softball are set to become more popular with new tournaments being launched, which take advantage of Baseball5's "you only need a ball to play" and "you can play it anywhere" core values. The newest tournament is taking place on a beach in Tunisia, Northern Africa.

The Tunisian Baseball and Softball Federation (FTBS, Fédération Tunisienne de Baseball et Softball) is organizing a new Beach Baseball5 tournament today (Thursday, 13 August). The tournament is set to take place in the city of Bizerte on the Mediterranean sea. Six teams will participate, three from Bizerte and three from the Capital Tunis.

"This tournament is part of the popularization and promotion of Baseball5," FTBS President Saber Jlajla told WBSC via email.

The tournament will also celebrate Tunisia Women's Day. National Women's Day is celebrated in Tunisia every year on 13 August. It commemorates the day of adoption of the Code of Personal Status in Tunisia, 13 August 1956, the year of independence in Tunisia.

The Code of Personal Status is a series of progressive laws aiming at the institution of equality between women and men in a number of areas. It was promulgated by decree on 13 August 1956 and came into effect on 1 January 1957.

Jlajla also said that the COVID-19 outbreak has so far limited activity in Tunisia. The Baseball5 National Teams opened camp in July, while the National Championship resumed play on Sunday, 9 August.

"We decided to play tournaments in different zones," said Jlajla. "We wanted to avoid too much travelling and large gatherings."

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