USA finish group play without allowing hits

USA finish group play without allowing hits

In this article, you find the reports of three of the games played during day 3 of group play: South Africa-Australia (group B), Ireland-Puerto Rico (group C) and Czech Republic-USA (group A)

Australia defeated South Africa, 11-0 in four innings to start day 3 action in group B.
Starter Jorja Barrett went three innings, allowing just a two-out double in the third. Shinai Gibbons pitched the fourth.

Australia wasted no time in getting to South Africa’s starter Grivonne Rhoda. Second baseman Jenna Trim doubled over the head of centre fielder De Beer in the top of the first to break the score open and Australia went on to collect 10 hits. Designated player Georgia Hood went 2 for 2 with three RBIs.

Puerto Rico completed the sweep of Group C with an 11-0 win in four innings against Ireland.
Starter Ashley Rivera went three innings, allowing only one hit, a leadoff single to left fielder Frances Cunningham in the top of the third.

Ireland starter Madison Leonard kept Puerto Rico scoreless in the first, thanks to good command of her change-up, but didn’t survive the second. First baseman Jenny Ortiz got the first hit, then Puerto Rico began putting the ball in play and the Irish defence could not keep up. Puerto Rico thrived on three errors and combined 10 hits, only two for extra bases.

The Irish defence could keep Puerto Rico scoreless only for one inning

The USA defeated the Czech Republic, 8-0 in five innings, to end group play not only undefeated but also without allowing a hit.

The USA was quick to set the tone against Czech starter Adela Linkova. Each of the four first batters singled. After the Czechs recorded two outs, left fielder Bailey Dowling homered to dead centre.

The USA combined 10 hits and added three more runs.

The breaking news is that, for the first time in the tournament, a USA pitcher was not perfect. Starter Kelly Lynch allowed a runner to reach, on a defensive error.