Ukrainian baseball league set to open on 4 July

Ukrainian baseball league set to open on 4 July
Ukraine's five-team Division A league consists of 10 rounds, finishing on 20 September.

The 2020 baseball season in Ukraine will open on Saturday, 4 July, when ATMA takes on the Falcons, and Biotechcom-SDYUSHOR-2 faces off against Western Fire, the Ukraine Baseball and Softball Federation (BSU) has announced.

Five teams this season will compete in Ukraine's top baseball league, 'Division A', including BioTexCom KNTU, ATMA, BioTexCom SDUSHOR, Western Fire, and the Falcons.

During the 10-round season, every team will face each of the participating squads twice, playing home and away. The first round will finish on 9 August, with the regular season closing on 20 September.

Currently, Ukraine is ranked 33rd in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings and 12th in Europe.

Many baseball and softball leagues across Europe have opened, including leagues in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania and Switzerland. In addition to Ukraine, leagues in Austria, Belgium and Italy are also set to open over the next few days and weeks.