Venezuela crowned Men’s Softball South American Champions

Venezuela crowned Men’s Softball South American Champions

Venezuela defeated Argentina, 6-2, to claim the title in the Men’s Softball South American Championship, played in Monteria, Colombia. WBSC live streamed a total of 33 games during the eight-days tournament, where competed 11 nations.

World No. 8 Venezuela defeated No. 4 Argentina, 6-2, to claim the title in the Men’s Softball South American Championship, played in Monteria, Colombia. The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) live-streamed a total of 33 games during the eight-day, 11-nation tournament.

Venezuelan pitcher John Garcia was given a 6-run lead before he made a single pitch in the final game against Argentina. Venezuela took advantage of four hits and four mistakes in the top of the first inning to take the early lead in the game.

In the third inning Gonzalo Masmu tripled to left field and then scored Argentina’s first run of the game with a rolling to second base.

Finally, Argentina cut the lead in the bottom of the seventh, with a solo shot by Juan Zara to center field.

Right handed Garcia claimed the win and was named the MVP of the final.

Earlier on Saturday, Venezuela advanced to the final with a 4-0 win over Dominican Republic in the semifinal game. A stellar performance by Maikel Pimentel, who threw a 1-hit, complete game shutout for the Venezuelan team to lead his team to the victory.

The Dominican Republic had advanced to the playoffs as the only undefeated team in the tournament, with a ten-game winning streak, but they couldn’t keep it alive in the playoffs, losing consecutively against Argentina and Venezuela to finish in third place.

The playoffs started on Friday with the best four teams in the round robin: Dominican Republic, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

In the first match of the playoffs Venezuela defeated the host team, 1-0, in a win-or-go-home game. Venezuela scored the only run of the game in the eighth inning, with a walkoff single by Carlos Ojeda.

In the second playoff game, Argentina defeated Dominican Republic by a score of 8-1, in five innings, and advanced to the final.

WBSC live streamed all the games played in Villa Deportiva stadium, via WBSC Facebook Page and WBSC Official Channel in YouTube. More than 800.000 views have been registered only in Facebook, averaging more than 22K views per game and 90K views per day.


Friday – June 8, 2018



Saturday – June 9, 2018



Final Standings

1.- VEN

2.- ARG

3.- DOM

4.- COL

5.- ARG Junior

6.- CUB

7.- PAN

8.- ECU

9.- ARU

10.- PER

11.- BRA


Round Robin Scores

Saturday – June 2nd, 2018

Match Field
COL 17-0 PER Chinu
ARG 8-1 ECU Campestre
PAN 0-18 VEN Villa Deportiva
ARG Junior 11-0 PER Chinu
ARG 11-0 BRA Campestre
PAN 0-7 DOM Villa Deportiva
ECU 7-0 BRA Campestre
CUB 7-1 ARU Villa Deportiva
COL 4-2 ARU Villa Deportiva


Sunday – June 3rd, 2018

Match Field
ARG 5-3 CUB Chinu
ARG Junior 0-1 DOM Campestre
PER 8-5 BRA Villa Deportiva
COL 1-0 ECU Chinu
VEN 1-9 DOM Campestre
PAN 11-0 BRA Villa Deportiva
VEN 5-3 ARU Campestre
ARG Junior 6-4 PAN Villa Deportiva
PER 0-11 ARG Villa Deportiva
COL 1-0 CUB Villa Deportiva

Monday – June 4th, 2018

Match Field
COL 7-0 BRA Campestre
ECU 10-0 PER Villa Deportiva
DOM 13-0 BRA Campestre
VEN 4-1 CUB Villa Deportiva
DOM 13-0 ARU Campestre
PAN 2-7 CUB Villa Deportiva
PAN 2-0 ARU Campestre
ARG Junior 0-7 ARG Villa Deportiva
ARG Junior 5-1 COL Villa Deportiva


Tuesday – June 5th, 2018

Match Field
CUB 1-2 DOM Chinu
ARG Junior 7-0 BRA Campestre
ARU 9-1 PER Villa Deportiva
ARG Junior 0-1 ECU Campestre
ARG 10-0 ARU Villa Deportiva
VEN 8-1 ECU Campestre
ARG 9-0 PAN Villa Deportiva
VEN 15-0 BRA Campestre
COL 5-0 PAN Villa Deportiva
COL 1-2 DOM Villa Deportiva

Wednesday – June 6th, 2018


Match Field
ARU 12-1 BRA Campestre
PER 2-14 CUB Villa Deportiva
ARU 0-1 ECU Campestre
ARG Junior 3-2 CUB Villa Deportiva
DOM 7-0 ECU Campestre
ARG Junior 0-3 VEN Villa Deportiva
PER 0-7 PAN Campestre
ARG 7-0 VEN Villa Deportiva
ARG 0-2 COL Villa Deportiva

Thursday – June 7th, 2018

Match Field
BRA 0-13 CUB Campestre
ARU 2-1 ARG Junior Villa Deportiva
ECU 0-14 CUB Campestre
DOM 4-3 ARG Villa Deportiva
ECU 0-1 PAN Campestre
DOM 18-0 PER Villa Deportiva
VEN 10-0 PER Villa Deportiva
VEN 2-0 COL Villa Deportiva


Round Robin Standings 

Team W L
DOM 10 0
ARG Senior 8 2
VEN 8 2
COL 7 3
ARG Junior 5 5
CUB 5 5
PAN 4 6
ECU 4 6
ARU 3 7
PER 1 9
BRA 0 10