Venezuela to support baseball, softball development in Belize

Venezuela to support baseball, softball development in Belize
The Venezuelan Ambassador to Belize is willing to put the Ministers of Sports in touch to provide envoy instructors.

Belize wants to boost baseball and softball development, and Venezuela -- the top baseball power in South America -- is willing to help.

The daily San Pedro Sun website reported that Belize's Minister of Sports of Belize Kevin Bernard met the Venezuelan Ambassador to Belize, Gerardo Argote.

Ambassador Argote noted that Venezuela was able to send instructors to Belize to help develop baseball and softball players and coaches.

Minister Bernard welcomed the proposal and planned a meeting with the Ministry of Sports of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Belize is unranked in baseball, while the country is currently 67th in women's softball and 42nd in men's softball, according to the latest WBSC World Rankings. Powerhouse Venezuela is currently ranked eighth in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings.

The Caribbean country's softball governing body is the Belize Softball Federation.

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