WBSC Europe postpones elective Congress to November 2021

WBSC Europe postpones elective Congress to November 2021
A second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was the central motive behind WBSC Europe's decision to postpone the congress from the original date in February.

WBSC Europe has confirmed the the postponement of the next European Baseball Softball Congress to November 2021. The exact date of the congress will be set at a later date. The elective congress was originally set to take place in February 2021.

Rome, the Italian capital, will host the WBSC Europe Elective Congress that will also include WBSC Europe Softball and Baseball Division Congresses.

An official note by WBSC Europe stated that the main reason for the decision was the uncertain COVID-19 situation, with many countries applying travel restrictions.

WBSC Europe said: "The decision of postponing the Congress was taken under the authority under Article 13.6 of the WBSC Europe Statutes and in conformity with the WBSC Europe Code of Divisions."