WBSC Baseball World Cups new competition format

1. Single stage World Cups (remain in 2-year cycle)

U-12 Baseball World Cup
U-15 Baseball World Cup
U-18 Baseball World Cup
U-23 Baseball World Cup

2. Two-Stage World Cup (changes to a 4-year cycle)

Women’s Baseball World Cup

2.1 New 4-year cycle

2.2 World Cup - Group Stage, Participating Teams & Continental Quota

Twelve (12) participating Teams as follows:

NOTE: All teams must go through the Continental Qualification tournament/system as established by the Continental Confederation.  

2.2.1 Competition format for GROUP STAGE

*Wild Card designation criteria for GROUP STAGE:

2.2.2 Qualification process to FINALS

**Wild Card criteria for FINALS is as follows:

 2.3 Competition format for World Cup FINALS

Six (6) teams participating:

3. Calendar Changes in Two-Stage Formats

Women’s Baseball World Cup: