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XXIX U-18 Baseball World Cup 2019 - Official Payoff
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Braden Halladay one of 15 Canada U-18 Baseball National Team players drafted

Roy Halladay starred for the Toronto Blue Jays from the late 1990s to 2009. His son Braden has a chance to sign for the same MLB organization. He is one of 15 players drafted that are connected to Canada’s U-18 baseball programme

Braden Halladay, the son of the late Roy Halladay, was picked by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 32nd round of the 2019 amateur draft.

Braden Halladay, born 2000, is a righthanded pitcher and a switch hitter. He just graduated in the USA from the Calvary Christian High School (Clearwater, Florida).

Braden may sign a professional contract or commit to Penn State University. His father Roy, who died in an aeroplane accident in the Fall of 2017, in little over a month is due to be enshrined in the MLB Hall of Fame.

Braden Halladay is a citizen of both the USA and Canada. As a baseball player, he picked Canada as the Country he wants to represent internationally. He has already tried out for the U-18 Canadia National team.

Braden Halladay is actually one of the 15 players drafted who are connected with Canada’s U-18 Baseball National Team. The list includes outfielder Dasan Brown, the first Canadian pick (number 88 overall). He was also drafted by the Blue Jays.

The other drafted players who are current or former members of Canada’s U-18 National Team are right-handed pitcher Josh Burgmann (Chicago Cubs), infielder TJ Schofield (Oakland A’S), outfielder Matt Lloyd (Cincinnati Reds), left-handed pitcher Antoine Jean (Minnesota Twins), second baseman Edouard Julien (Minnesota Twins), left-handed pitcher Niall Windeler (Minnesota Twins), catcher Raphael Pelletier (Texas Rangers), outfielder Jean Cristophe Masson (Atlanta Braves), right-handed pitcher Eli Saul (Texas Rangers), catcher Owen Diodati (Toronto Blue Jays), catcher Ryan Leitch (Cincinnati Reds), left-handed pitcher Keegan Pulford-Thorpe (San Diego Padres) and shortstop Jaden Brown (Washington Nationals).

MLB organizations drafter a total of 25 Canadian players.