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Key events and wild cards confirmed by WBSC Executive Board
19/11/2019 1 Minute Read

Key events and wild cards confirmed by WBSC Executive Board

Six wild cards over five tournaments were confirmed while Mexico was awarded with three events and Taiwan with two as the Executive Board met at the Hotel Agora Regency Sakai on Tuesday.

Sakai, Japan – Mexico will be one of the hottest destinations for Baseball and Softball in 2020 after the WBSC Executive Board approved three of its key events to be staged in the country next year. Just days after its men’s baseball team qualified for the Olympic Games for the first time after finishing as the top team from the Americas at the WBSC Premier12 2019, Mexico was confirmed as the host of the U23 Baseball World Cup while Tijuana was approved as the host of the U15 Baseball World Cup.

The third part of the trifecta is one of WBSC’s fastest-growing properties - Baseball5 – with the World Cup set to be held close to the end of the year.

Other appointments saw the WBSC Executive Board approve Taiwan as host of the 2021 Congress as well as the WBSC U23 Baseball World Cup in 2022.

While the Board also voted on the allocation of wild cards for Baseball and Softball events in 2020 as per the following:

Event Number of Wild Cards Applied Countries Elected Country
U15 Baseball World Cup 1 Mexico  
Women’s Baseball World Cup 2 Cuba, Netherlands  
U23 Baseball World Cup 1 Korea (21 votes) Australia (6 votes) Korea
U18 Women’s Softball World Cup 1 Philippines  
U18 Men’s Softball World Cup 1 Israel (2 votes), USA (24 votes) USA