07/11/2022 - 12/11/2022


Hosted by:   MEX

Baseball5 World Cup 2022 - Official Payoff

Baseball5 World Cup 2022 at El Zocalo by the Numbers

Baseball5 World Cup 2022 at El Zocalo by the Numbers
The inaugural WBSC Baseball5 World Cup begins on Monday in the famous El Zocalo in Mexico City. An amazing venue for an incredible sport, which has some fascinating numbers behind it.

1 – This is the first edition of the Baseball5 World Cup. The second is scheduled for 2024.

2 – Minimum number of players per gender on field of play

2.8 – Weight of the Baseball5 World Cup trophy in kilograms

3 – A series is a best-of-three matches. Every match consists of five innings.

4 – Public courts

4.5 – Distance in metres from home plate along the first and third base lines where the No-Hit Zone line is drawn

5 – Five-on-five, five-inning street version of the game of baseball/softball that can be played anywhere

7 – Days of competition

7 - Fields of Play

8 – Number of players on the roster (five in play and three reserves)

10 – Number in each delegation (eight players, one coach, one delegation leader)

12 – Teams

13 – Distance between bases in metres

15 - Minimum age for athletes

18 – Distance in metres of each side of fair territory

50 – Total number of games

79 – Tunisia, making its debut in a WBSC World Cup, is the 79th nation/territory (the ninth from Africa) to feature in World Cup history.

85 – Weight of the ball in grams

96 - Number of athletes

106 - Height of flag pole in metres in El Zocalo

107 - Number of accredited media

198 – WBSC National Federations plus 12 Associate Members

230 - Weight in kilograms of the Mexico flag, which measures 50m x 28.6m, in the centre of El Zocalo

2,240 – Height of Mexico City in metres

2,800 – Weight of Baseball5 World Cup trophy in grams

4,000 - Number of spectator seats (2,000 each court)

22,445 - Total number of plastic tiles across the five courts (67 x 67 = 4,489 per court)

57,600 - The size of El Zocalo in metres2