WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series 2023: Final Global Qualifier


The WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series: Final Global Qualifier will start from January 29th (Mon).

The highest ranked player will qualify and will be invited to the WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series World Finals held in March in Lausanne Switzerland.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Those who have set their in-game residence other than “Japan".
  • Players who do not hold Japanese citizenship.


  • The rankings will be determined by Selection Points (SP). Players will be awarded SP based on their wins/losses and in-game stats for matches played.
  • Rankings will be available directly in game.


  • Top ranked players will be contacted via in-game notifications, make sure to come back to the game after the event closes to check the final standings. 

Highlights – Watch how the other finalists qualified

Online Qualifier A

Online Qualifier B


Road to World Finals

International quota for the wild card, matches the desire of WBSC to grow eBASEBALL™ globally increasing international participation and competitive level.