Hope & Dreams Sports Festival
The WBSC Legacy Club inaugurated the baseball5 field at the Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan and celebrated the role of baseball5 in giving people access to sport at the Hope and Dreams Sports Festival held in Amman, bringing refugees and local Jordanian children together.

Refugee Training Camp – March 2023
The WBSC Legacy Club held the first International Training Camp for athletes and coaches in Azreaq Refugee Camp and in the village of Balila. Leaded by the Tunisian International Coach Chedli Mokrani, the training camp benefitted local coaches from different villages and children from Azraq Refugee Camp and from local communities. Integration was one of the main target of this camp.

Balila Baseball5 Grassroots Championship
The first baseball5 tournament organised by the WBSC Legacy Club, were more than 200 children coming from Azraq Refugee Camp and other local villages had the opportunity to show their skills in a festival atmosphere at the Balila village. A second baseball5 field has been inaugurated at the Azraq Refugee Camp in occasion of WBSC President’s visit.

Bright highlights for Jordanian Baseball5
Watch the main highlights and milestones of the launch of baseball5 in Azraq Refugee Camp and in Jordan. A new journey for the WBSC on promoting inclusion and integration through our beautiful sport.