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The WBSC Executive Board approved a proposal from the WBSC Athletes' Commission, which included recommendations to:

  • - further enhance athlete representation by increasing the number of Athlete Representatives to be elected by peer to eight (8);
  • - be fair on all categories and gender within our disciplines by having four (4) Athlete Representatives from each discipline and gender on WBSC Executive Board; and
  • - increase democracy on election procedure by opening the election to athletes from all National Federations through their respective Athlete Representatives and/or Athletes' Commission.

The election procedure has taken place from 12 August 2022 to elect new eight (8) Athlete Representatives. The elected representatives will then elect among themselves the four (4) representatives to be included in the WBSC Executive Board and four (4) representatives to be included in the Baseball and Softball Divisions. To ratify these concerned positions, as per the WBSC Elections By-Laws Article 3.1 and 3.2, the WBSC is calling an Extraordinary Congress. The mandate of the eight (8) elected officials will then start on the date of the ratification.