Baseball5 takes off in Rome

Baseball5 takes off in Rome

The pupils of Professor Gianfranco Pavone at the Baccano school in Rome split into 4 teams and showcased baseball5 in the heart of the tennis village during the qualification of the Italian Open. In the afternoon Cuba, Italy and France will play international games

Baseball5 made its debut in Italy at the Foro Italico, Rome. Students of the Baccano School (11, 12, 13 years old) formed 4 teams and showcased the game in the heart of the tennis village. The Foro Italico is getting busy with the Italian Open, a top APT tournament on red clay.

The students have followed an introduction to baseball5 by their Physical Education teacher Gianfranco Pavone, who was a player in the top baseball italian league. His project introduced baseball5 in the curricular activity of the students. Beside the teams, students were involved in the organization and created their own media department.

“This pilot project was well received” commented Pavone “I had the support of Antonella Di Tullio. I am confident it will prove effective also for younger kids. It is very easy to understand, both for the kids and their teachers”

The Baseball5 Day in Rome will continue in the afternoon with an international tourament featuring teams from Cuba, France and Italy.