Denmark wants to improve baseball basic skills

Denmark wants to improve baseball basic skills

According to the National Federation’s Board of Directors, Denmark needs to improve basic baseball skills. Steve Nelson of the Utah Pitching Academy coordinated three clinics on throwing, pitching, fielding and catching

The Board of Directors of the Danish Baseball Federation (DBaF) has recognized the need to improve basic skills and the quality of play in the Country. That’s why in late April and early May the Federation organized in Denmark three different Spring Training clinics: in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. The clinics had a total of 60 participants.

“We thought that providing a Spring Training clinic in fundamentals would be the best strategy to get the 2019 season to start out right in Denmark,” said Federation President Rod Moore.

The clinics were about throwing, pitching, fielding and catching and were open to all ages and genders. The chief instructor was Steve Nelson of the Utah Pitching Academy.

“We love Nelson’s idea about warm-ups,” said Moore.

Steve Nelson teaches: “Warm up to throw. Don’t throw to warm up.”
This provides optimal athletic readiness for throwing and fielding in the best of performance fundamentals and decreases injuries.

The clinic offered also drills for throwing and fielding progressions, meant for both position players and pitchers and catchers to maximize throwing velocity and precision.

The last part of the clinic was dedicated to the presentation of fielding fundamentals and their connection to throwing mechanics.

Denmark organized three clinics on baseball basic skills

A group photo at the end of the clinic