Wei Chuan Dragons to be fifth CPBL team

Wei Chuan Dragons to be fifth CPBL team

The league has sanctioned a four-team championship since 2008. The Dragons had been in business from 1989 to 1999. To re-join CPBL they will have to invest over 18 million US$

The Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) will have an expansion team. The Wei Chuan Dragons will play one Minor League season and join the CPBL as the fifth team in 2020.

CPBL Commissioner John Wu announced that The Dragons are evaluating the cities of Hsinchu, Kaohsiung and the Counties of Chayi and Pingtung as possible homes. The club will make a final decision after a series of meetings.

CPBL has had four teams since 2009. They approved the expansion unanimously.
The Dragons started as a franchise in 1990 but they disbanded after the 1999 season. To regain their place in the League they will need to pay a five-year royalty worth the equivalent of US$ 11.58 million, a franchise fee worth the equivalent of US$ 3.85 million and invest US$ 3.21 million in a baseball development fund.

Commissioner Wu also told the local press that Lamigo Monkeys manager Hung Yi-Chung turned down an invitation to manage Chinese Taipei National Team at the WBSC Premier12.

“We will consult other qualified individuals,” said John Wu “including current and former professional baseball team managers.”

Commissioner Wu added that The Sports Administration’s regulations stipulate that the National Team manager for WBSC Premier 12 must undergo a national selection process conducted by a selection and training committee.




CPBL Commissioner Wu announced the approval of the expansion team Wei Chuan Dragons

CPBL Commissioner John Wu

CPBL is a proud member of WBSC.

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