XXV 18U Baseball World Cup 2013

30/08/2013 - 08/09/2013


Hosted by:   TPE

23/08/2013 2 Minute Read

Canada 18U prevails over Australian MLB Academy

Canada defeats players of MLB Australian Academy in another warm-up for 18U Baseball World Cup

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23/08/2013 1 Minute Read

Baseball Federation of Japan announces roster for 18U Baseball World Cup

16 of 20 players on roster played and famous Koshien High School Tournament

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22/08/2013 2 Minute Read

USA Baseball releases roster for 18U Baseball World Cup

Defending champion brings 20 players to Taichung after trials in South California

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22/08/2013 3 Minute Read

Canada 18U splits Doubleheader

Canada defeats Australia, loses to Japanese College

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21/08/2013 2 Minute Read

Canada stumble in loss to Aussies

18U Warm-Ups at Gold Coast continues

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20/08/2013 2 Minute Read

Canada’s 18U Squad scratchs out win over Australia

7th inning decides 18U Baseball World Cup warm-up between Canada and Australia

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19/08/2013 2 Minute Read

Canada 18U drops second Exhibition in Australia

Canadian Juniors lose to Japanese College in second Warm-Up

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18/08/2013 2 Minute Read

Canada loses first 18U Warm-Up in Australia

Australia hangs on to 3-2 lead en route to victory in first game of pre-18U Baseball World Cup selection camp

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17/08/2013 2 Minute Read

USA: 18U Players arrive in LA for 2013 Trials

United States start their final phase prior to 18U Baseball World Cup in Taichung

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16/08/2013 1 Minute Read

Canada and Team from Japan to play potential 18U Australia team

Australia and Canada prepare for upcoming 18U Baseball World Cup in Taichung

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