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III U-23 Baseball World Cup 2020 - Official Payoff
Managers Enrique Reyes, Carlos Garcia comment on final of the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup
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Managers Enrique Reyes, Carlos Garcia comment on final of the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup

Both National Teams participated in the WBSC post-game virtual press conference.

Venezuela beat Mexico, 4-0, in the final of the WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup.



Both National Teams appeared at the WBSC post-game virtual press conference.

Mexico's manager Enrique Reyes was quite straightforward on the reasons why Mexico lost the final of the U-23 Baseball World Cup.

"We didn't play. Or at least, we didn't play well enough to beat a team like Venezuela."

Defensive errors plagued Mexico.
"They were good in taking advantage of those woes," said El Che. "As far as our team, I'm very happy with the pitchers. We lacked something at defence. But let me say it's a game, you win and you lose. Overall, we did well."

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Robert Perez was all smiles after the U-23 Baseball World Cup closing ceremony.

"I'm super happy. We had really a great run and we enjoyed playing together."

Perez believes the loss against Panama was a positive turning point.
"We could have collapsed. Instead, that game gave us more strength."

Manager Carlos Garcia reflected on the reason why Venezuela, a baseball power, has not often delivered in international baseball.

"I know that you are referring to the outcome of the World Baseball Classic or the WBSC Premier12. We were also disappointed at the Olympic Qualifier. This time we go home as World Champions, though."

Garcia added: "My players really wanted this World Title. I've managed for quite a while, but I rarely happened to work with such an inspiring group of players."

El Almirante also spoke about international baseball as opposed to professional club baseball.
"There's no doubt players are particularly excited when they wear their National Team's jersey. They play up to their potential and possibly try to reach above."

Garcia, on a final note, praised the level of the tournament.
"It was high. I saw Colombia competing at the top level, Mexico, of course. I saw Panama compete at the top level. It was a real World Cup."

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