13/09/2023 - 17/09/2023


Hosted by:   JPN

IX Women's Baseball World Cup 2023 - Group B | presented by CARNEXT - Official Payoff

Venezuela's Fran-tastic Garcia and Japan's Kawabata, Onodera lead IX WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup Group B by the numbers

Venezuela's Fran-tastic Garcia and Japan's Kawabata, Onodera lead IX WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup Group B by the numbers
Venezuela's Frandelis Garcia earned Most Outstanding Player honours while looking back at the tournament numbers, Japan's veteran Yuki Kawabata had the best batting average, and rising star Kana Onodera topped all pitchers with 18 strike outs.

Venezuelan two-way phenom Frandelis Garcia earned the Women's Baseball World Cup-Group B, presented by CARNEXT Most Outstanding Player honours.

The 20-year-old earned two wins, including the punch-ticket game against Puerto Rico, and didn't allow earned runs while striking out 13. She also posted a .429 batting average with five RBIs, including two in the 3-0 win against Puerto Rico.

"I need to thank my father for pushing me. I started playing baseball with my brother but found the practice hard. My father made me appreciate the game," Garcia told the WBSC.

"We knew from the start that she would be our top pitcher and cleanup hitter," commented Venezuela's manager Carlos Ferrer. "We have adult and youth women's baseball in Venezuela and hopefully we will launch a National League next year."

Japan's veteran Yuki Kawabata was the best hitter of the tournament with a .615 batting average. Ambre Brouard of France followed with .545, and Venezuela's Mariana Valdez came third with .533.

Two Puerto Rican players led in runs batted in (RBIs). Lisandra Bressios and Luz Feliciano had eight. Kawabata followed with seven.

Among pitchers, Japan's Kana Onodera and Ayami Sato, who didn't allow a hit in four innings pitched, both matched Garcia's two wins. Onodera and Puerto Rico's Janiliz Rivera reached Garcia's two complete games. Nobody else finished the tournament without allowing a run.

Onodera topped all pitchers with 18 strikeouts.


Japan had the best pitching staff in the tournament. They allowed a 1.53 earned run average (ERA) while striking out 30 and allowing only six walks.

Chinese Taipei had a 3.18 ERA and allowed six walks while striking out 13.

Venezuela had similar numbers as ERA (3.23). They allowed 14 walks and struck out 20.

Puerto Rico had a team 3.39 ERA with 16 strike outs and 12 walks.

Japan also had the best defence. The defending World Champions committed only two errors, followed by Chinese Taipei, Puerto Rico and Cuba (4). Venezuela committed seven errors, and France 10.

Japan also had the best batting average (.380), followed by Chinese Taipei (.356), Puerto Rico (.338) and Venezuela (.293).

Chinese Taipei showed more power, combining 78 Total Bases and 43 RBIs. Japan had 63 Total Bases and 36 RBIs. Puerto Rico followed with 54 Total Bases and 29 RBIs, ahead of Venezuela (49 Total Bases and 27 RBIs).