Baseball, Baseball5 growing in Burkina Faso

Baseball, Baseball5 growing in Burkina Faso
There's interest in the game, Burkina Faso baseball and softball leaders say.

The Burkina Faso Baseball Softball Federation (FBBS) recently hosted the 2021 Burkina Faso High School and College National Baseball Championships in the country's capital of Ouagadougou.

The Institut Supérieur Tal M'Bi Yameogo from Koudougou defeated the Lycee Mixte de Gounghin, 10-0, in the final played in June.

The Lycée Bassy de Ziniaré finished third, while the Lycée Philippe Zinda Kabore ended in fourth place and the Ecole le Petit Monde finished fifth.

The Embassy of Japan, the Ministry of Sports and the Japanese Cooperation Agency (JICA) sent their representatives to the final.

FBBS president Ibrahima Sibore told the media that he was satisfied with the level of play.

FBBS also revealed that 20 sports journalists followed a course on the rules of baseball and Baseball5.

"There's interest in the game," FBBS President Sibore said. "I am convinced that the media can help us make baseball and Baseball5 popular."

Baseball5 was one of the 10 sports featured in the Jeux Aigle Royal (Royal Eagle Games). The event opened on 1 July, and the finals were played on 3 July. The team called Gold defeated Black Diamond, 9-4 in the final.

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