Blind Baseball continues to develop across Italy

Blind Baseball continues to develop across Italy
AIBxC and FIBS are working on new teams in Sicily and Calabria. The following projects will reach visually impaired communities in Piemonte and Tuscany.

The Italian Blind Baseball Association (AIBxC, a WBSC Associate Member) and the Italian Baseball Softball Federation (FIBS) launched a new blind baseball development initiative in southern Italy.

Catania is in the process of launching a new team, the Etna Blind. The goal would be to participate in a tournament in October for the first time.

Coaches Michele Consiglio, Nino Torrisi and Maurizio Chirico coordinated a blind baseball showcase at the Valcon sports arena in Acireale. The initiative is meant as a first step to building a second team in the Catania area.

Chirico and the University of Messina are also working on a team project in his hometown, Reggio Calabria. The Roma All Blinds team is supporting the project.

AIBxC and FIBS will soon implement development projects in the Piemonte and Tuscany Regions.