Chile commemorates 105-year anniversary of baseball in the country

Chile commemorates 105-year anniversary of baseball in the country
On 4 July 1917 American workers organized the event in the Antofagasta area. Chile's National Federation was born in 1951.

The Chile Baseball Softball Federation (FECHIBEIS) celebrated the first-ever game played in the country, which took place 105 years ago.

U.S. Mining companies introduced baseball in northern Chile at the beginning of the 20th century, particularly in Antofagasta and Iquique. Tocopilla, in the Antofagasta area, hosted the electric generator that served the copper mines and happened to be the location American workers chose for the first baseball game on the country's soil, which took place on 4 July 1917.

Chile’s first baseball association was established in 1951, in Iquique, with Antofagasta, Arica and Tocopilla following. Chile’s national baseball and softball governing body was born on 26 April 1954.

Nine districts have now organized baseball in Chile: Arica, Iquique, Alto Hospicio, Tocopilla, Antofagasta, La Serena, San Antonio and Santiago.

Women's softball is present in Alto Hospicio, Antofagasta, San Antonio and Santiago.

Men's softball is played in La Serena, San Antonio and Santiago.

Chile currently sits at No. 61 in the WBSC Baseball World Rankings and No. 62 in women's softball.

Chile will host the 2023 Pan American Games and targets the event as a potential milestone in baseball and softball development.

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