U-10 European youth baseball festival staged in Czech Republic

U-10 European youth baseball festival staged in Czech Republic

PRAGUE, Czech Republic-Hrosi Brno won the Super Cup, the most important baseball tournament in Europe for kids of the age group 10 and under

Hrosi Brno won the 2017 baseball Super Cup, an international tournament in Europe for kids of the 10 and under age group.
In the last game of the tournament, Saint Boi from Spain (that finished third) won (6-3) an 11 inning drama against Hrosi. Draci Brno finished in second place.


The closing ceremony

The Super Cup is played in Tempo Titans facility in Prague, Czech Republic. Then 2017 edition ( June 2 through June 4) saw 24 teams from 10 countries (the hosts Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Austria. Moldova, Belarus, United Kingdom, Spain and China). The 24 teams were divided into 4 groups, the best 2 advanced to the second round. The standings were a result of the games played and skills competition: long distance running, speed throwing and basic baseball skills: throwing and catching.

The Super Cup is organized by the Czech Institute for Baseball Development and supported by the Czech Baseball Association (CBA). The aim of the tournament, played on live pitching by the coaches, is to teach children basic baseball skills. It also wishes to teach the kids respect for coaches and umpires and the concept of fair play.
The organizers stated through a press release that the tournament had “big attendance, mostly by parents, but media was present too”. The note pointed out that “next year’s planning begins”