Great Britain: Are we witnessing the rise of a new baseball and softball European powerhouse?
03/10/2023 1 Minute Read

Great Britain: Are we witnessing the rise of a new baseball and softball European powerhouse?

Great Britain is knocking on the door of baseball and softball's elite after fantastic performances in 2023 at the World Baseball Classic, European Baseball Championship and the Women’s Softball World Cup.

Great Britain is becoming a common name in international baseball and softball elite after a fantastic 2023 for both programmes.

The year for Great Britain baseball started in March, playing in the World Baseball Classic Pool C in Phoenix, Arizona, after an historic qualification for the tournament six months before. They shared the group with powerhouses like USA, Canada and Mexico and a rising nation like Colombia.

The European side lost the first two games against USA and Canada before an historic win against Colombia. They closed their participation with a close defeat to Mexico. Despite the 1-3 record, the British squad left a great impression on the international stage.

In July, it was the turn of the Women’s Softball National Team. They travelled to Ireland to face USA, Australia, Chinese Taipei, and the hosts in the Women's Softball World Cup Group A. Led by Georgina Corrick, they were agonisingly close to booking a spot in the Finals in 2024, losing against Australia, but making everybody aware on the international softball stage that they are here and only looking to improve.

The men's baseball team also took the stage to play in the European Championship in Czechia. Great Britain won five games in a row against Sweden, Hungary, Italy, the hosts Czechia and Germany before they also just missed out on winning the continental title against Spain.

The King and the Queen
The Britain royal tradition can’t be missed by baseball and softball. The King Harry Ford on the baseball side and the Queen Georgina Corrick on the softball side.

Ford posted a .308 batting average at the World Baseball Classic with 2 home runs and 4 RBIs, making it even better in the Europeans with a .429 batting average, 3 home runs, 8 runs scored, and 12 RBIs.

Meanwhile, Corrick took Ireland by storm during the Women’s Softball World Cup, pitching in 4 games, leaving a 3-1 record with 40 strikeouts, and posting a 0.54 ERA.

Two great practitioners who you're likely to see much more of in the coming years.