WBSC Academy: Field management continuing development course now online

WBSC Academy: Field management continuing development course now online
Coursework covers such international tournament topics such as Before the Event/First Game, Pre-Game Routines, During Games, Pre Game and Challenging Scenarios.

WBSC announced that the English version of the Baseball TC Continuing Development Course-Field Management is now available via the WBSC Academy. Participants will have to access the course through the reserved area. The Spanish version will be published at a later date.

The course aims to prepare WBSC technical commissioners (TCs) to identify key strategies to manage the field of play, from pre-event and pre-game activities to in-game and post-game responsibilities.

It targets current and aspiring WBSC technical commissioners. TCs assigned to the WBSC 2022 event will have to attend the course and obtain a certification to be eligible.

The course consists of two parts and six video lessons.

The first part is 'An Introduction to Field Management' and consists of two lessons:

  • Why Field Management Matters
  • The BAT Approach to Field Management

Part two is about 'Field Management Strategies and scenarios' and includes four lessons:

  • Before the Event/First Game
  • Pre-Game Routines
  • During Games
  • Post Game and Challenging Scenarios

After each lesson, the TC will have to pass a quiz to access the next chapter of the course.