WBSC Academy: New scoring features online
28/03/2024 1 Minute Read

WBSC Academy: New scoring features online

The Tablet Course educates on using the BallClubz app. The online Workshops include lessons on scoring. A dedicated section offers documents needed to score games.

The WBSC Scoring Commission announced new features are now available online via the WBSC Academy.

The Tablet Course educates on how to use the BallClubz scoring application on a tablet. The Ballclubz app is meant for scorers, but learning how to manage the scoring system may be a convenient tool for everybody.

The Documents for Scorers section will include the most updated official WBSC documents which support the scoring activity. The first document available is the Pitch Count sheet. More documents will be added soon.

The WBSC Online Scoring Workshops section includes the recordings of video calls dedicated to specific actions of the scoring activity. These How to Score lessons will be available live and on demand.

All the new sections are available for free for those registered to the Academy.

The WBSC Scoring Commission invites all scorers to register with the WBSC Academy through their National Federations.