WBSC Africa holds Extraordinary Congress, approves new statutes
03/06/2022 1 Minute Read

WBSC Africa holds Extraordinary Congress, approves new statutes

The WBSC Africa Extraordinary Congress approved the organisation’s new statutes as well as the timeline towards the WBSC Africa Elective Congress, which will be held on 4 July, a day before the IV WBSC Congress in Taipei City, TPE.

In a major milestone for African baseball and softball, a WBSC Africa Extraordinary Congress was held today, Friday 3 June, to address the organisation’s new statutes and the timeline towards the WBSC Africa Elective Congress. Both items were unanimously approved during the virtual congress. 

The new WBSC Africa Statutes, created in line with the WBSC Statutes, were approved by all 19 participating members voting in favour. The new statutes, which replace the previous edition adopted in 2002, were redacted by a working group after a series of meetings over the last few months.

The timeline towards the WBSC Africa Elective Congress was also approved without objection. The elections will take place on Monday 4 July in Taipei City, TPE, the day before the IV WBSC Congress takes place.

The Congress also saw WBSC Africa President Saber Jlajla give a summary of the work undertaken in Africa over the last years, including more than 50 development programmes that have been carried out in the continent from 2017 to present, in collaboration with the WBSC; the evolution of the Africa Development Project and the distribution of Baseball5, Baseball, and Softball equipment to different African nations.

A report on the historic Baseball5 African Championship was also given, highlighting the success of the event with congratulations given to nine teams who participated and the top two teams - South Africa and Kenya - who qualified for the inaugural WBSC Baseball5 World Cup later this year.