WBSC announces key changes to Statutes to enhance the promotion of Baseball/Softball around the world

WBSC announces key changes to Statutes to enhance the promotion of Baseball/Softball around the world
The changes to the Statutes will be voted on by the WBSC World Congress later in the year

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Executive Board has approved a number of important changes to the WBSC Statutes at its meeting on 6 September, 2023 in order to capitalise on the growing popularity of international Baseball/Softball.

The decisions, which will be put forward to the WBSC Congress to vote in December, include the removal of the WBSC Baseball and Softball Divisions from the leadership group in order to have one combined Executive Board to further reflect the focus on one sport Baseball/Softball and to better serve and safeguard its best interests.

Two additional permanent Commissions for Baseball and Softball will be created to ensure that the best interests of baseball and softball continue to be represented. The Executive Vice Presidents for Baseball and Softball on the WBSC Executive Board will chair the respective Commissions.

Another change in the Statutes will see increased representation of Continental Associations with 10 representatives to be included on the Executive Board to improve cooperation and their involvement in the day-to-day operations of the WBSC. Each Continent will elect one representative for Baseball and one for Softball to the board.

President Riccardo Fraccari said: “The WBSC is constantly looking to refine its Statutes to ensure that we are serving our members in the best possible way. We believe that the changes announced today will strengthen our governance and help Baseball/Softball continue to thrive across the world. We have made great progress in the nine years since the international federations for Baseball and Softball merged and we are confident that the latest revisions will allow that to continue.”

To fully comply with the Olympic Charter, the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competition Code will now be recognised at the same level as the World Anti-Doping Agency Code, while the membership recognition process has also been aligned for this purpose.

The other changes see a larger representation of independent members on the Integrity and Legal Commissions to reduce potential conflicts of interest and more comprehensive disciplinary guidelines to reflect the role that Continental Associations play in this regard.

With 2024 due to celebrate 10 years since the merger of the International Baseball Federation and the International Softball Federation to create the WBSC, the sport of Baseball/Softball and its multiple disciplines – Baseball, Softball, Baseball5, eSport, Para-sports – has never been stronger with 205 National Federations and Associate Members in 136 countries promoting and growing the game worldwide while the WBSC’s global audience on social media now numbers over 1 million.

Meanwhile, the WBSC Executive Board voted to approve two new Members - the Baseball and Softball Federations from Cambodia and Syria - and an Associate Member - Alternative Baseball, which runs Alternative Baseball a baseball experience, which teaches social and physical baseball skills for teens and adults with autism and other special needs. The Board also voted to dismiss the Republic of Congo Baseball and Softball Federation due to lack of activity. These decisions will go forward to the Congress for vote.