Integrity Commission

Integrity Commission

Among other objectives in its Statutes, the World Baseball Softball Confederation upholds those which aim "To encourage the development of physical and moral qualities; to promote the greatest bonding and most fair and amicable cooperation between its members; to guard and protect the general interests of Baseball and Softball throughout the world and before such organisations and institutions as may be required; and to contribute to the realisation of the aims laid down in the Olympic Charter".

The WBSC believes that in order to attain such objectives, members of the world Baseball and Softball  family are required to display an honourable, dignified and exemplary attitude throughout their sporting lives, both on and off the field.

This behavior shall be governed by a Code of Ethics, accepted and supported by all the members, based on the following principles:

  • The most rigorous respect for the ideals, principles and rules that govern the Olympic Movement, particularly those that we have accepted as part of the philosophy of our sport.
  • The development, promotion and strict monitoring of the values of honesty, respect, solidarity and fairness in relations between players, teams, member Federations and organisations under the auspices of the WBSC, as well as in their links with other institutions or persons representing the Olympic Movement or world sport.
  • Determined and consistent defense of the mission of educating and training children and youths, which the WBSC and its member organisations must guarantee if they are to promote and develop Baseball and Softball.

As international governing body for international Baseball and Softball, the WBSC applies its own Code of Ethics to the relations and conduct of the WBSC itself and its governing organs, commissions and sub commissions, Continental Confederations, Member Federations, and individuals – whether players, coaches, umpires, administrators, officials, managers, or any other person or institution acting on behalf of or under the jurisdiction of the WBSC.

All members of the WBSC, which for these purposes includes Federations, Associations, Organisations, Confederations, athletes, coaches, umpires, administrators, officials and managers at any level, acknowledge and agree to abide by the literal content and the spirit of the following principles, which underpin the Code of Ethics of the World Baseball Softball Confederation:

  1. To act consistently and to maintain a dignified and honorable attitude, in keeping with the great honour and responsibility that being a member and representative of the world Baseball and Softball family means, at all times and in all circumstances.
  2. To defend as their own the name of the WBSC, its symbols, its prestige and authority, and to challenge strenuously anything that goes against the attainment of its objectives and the normal operation of its activities.
  3. To responsibly observe and to enforce observance of the obligations falling to them in a competition, assembly, congress or any other official activity to which they have been convened.
  4. To abide by the Statutes, Rules, regulations or any other provisions or agreements of the governing organs of the WBSC and to comply in a disciplined manner with the penalties, sanctions or other disciplinary measures that have been officially imposed.
  5. To display respectful, disciplined and supportive conduct, both on and off the field of play, whether in competition or training, thereby ensuring through individual and group effort that Baseball/Softball conveys at all times an educational message of solidarity and peace.
  6. To show absolute respect towards spectators and supporters in general, thereby encouraging, through appropriate conduct and behavior, their enthusiastic support, knowledge and love of Baseball and Softball.
  7. To help ensure that each competition of the WBSC at any level or category takes place in a true spirit of fair play.
  8. To display at all times, during competition and outside of it, a physical appearance, clothing and conduct in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by the WBSC as being required for all competitions and sporting events.
  9. To support and contribute to the efforts made by the media to promote and disseminate Baseball and Softball and its WBSC – Code of Ethics & By-Laws 3 results by providing honest, objective information that promotes the unity of the Baseball and Softball family and the prestige and authority of the WBSC.
  10. To demonstrate an attitude of cooperation and support towards the organizers of competitions and official events under the jurisdiction of the WBSC and, in each of them, to make appropriate use of the means and resources placed at their disposal.
  11. To refrain from demonstrating or accepting, in any circumstances, physical or verbal aggression or gestures that undermine physical or moral integrity or human dignity.
  12. At all times, to strenuously reject any conduct that promotes, encourages or protects the use of illegal substances in sport.
  13. To defend moral and ethical principles in sport by setting a personal example, taking a firm and unbending stance towards any manifestation of corruption, dishonesty or fanaticism that may arise within the WBSC or its competitions or official activities.
  14. To foster feelings of friendship, companionship and solidarity among athletes, coaches, umpires, administrators, officials, managers and local authorities, expressed through absolute respect towards persons, institutions, countries and their symbols.

The WBSC, its institutions and governing organs, Member Federations and individuals representing each of them, along with the athletes, coaches, umpires, administrators, officials and managers accept and promise to abide by the Rules of the Code of Ethics, by virtue of which they assume the legal and moral responsibility stemming from any violation of it. Likewise, they acknowledge that the WBSC is entitled and under the obligation to ensure that the educational, moral and ethical values that promote and develop sport prevail above all in the International Baseball and Softball under its jurisdiction.