Medical Commission

Medical Commission

The WBSC has reinforced its commitment to WADA and to baseball and softball players worldwide. The WBSC Anti-Doping Program has been created with the necessary resources to work towards full WADA Code Compliance.

Medical Commission:

WBSC will appoint one or more WBSC Anti-Doping Commissioners from the commission to oversee In-Competition Doping Controls at WBSC competitions.

Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Commission:

The WBSC TUE Committee determines the outcome of Therapeutic Use Exemption applications submitted to WBSC.

Anti-Doping Panel – Tribunal:

WBSC  has established a Panel of appropriately qualified people from which 3-person tribunals will be formed to hear cases and determine the outcome of anti-doping rule violations under WBSC jurisdiction. WBSC is using the WADA ADAMs (Anti-Doping Administrative and Management system) as its anti-doping database.