Member Relations Department


Strengthen the worldwide membership structure and practices; Extend the WBSC’s governance & strategic plan to Continental Associations and NFs, guiding the entire ecosystem to grow and reach the common strategic objectives.


  • Relations with National Federations;
  • Relations with Continental Associations;
  • Relations with NOCs.

Continental Liaisons


  • Establish, nurture and maintain a solid working relationship with the Continental Associations and related National Federations;
  • Manage/support any projects and actions involving such NFs or Continental Associations;
  • Monitor key concerns and issues for the NFs and work closely with such Federations and the WBSC on possible resolutions and/or to manage their expectations;
  • Manage/support any projects and actions involving such NFs and the WBSC;
  • Ensure that communication and services provided to such NFs are delivered in an efficient and timely manner;
  • Coordinate news updates for publication on the WBSC website, together with the Media & Communications Department.

Contact Information

| WBSC -
| AFRICA - Mattia Berardi
| AMERICAS - Victor Isola
| ASIA - Aki Huang
| EUROPE - Francesca Fabretto
| OCEANIA - Aki Huang