Course for Coaches and Game Officials: Seven (7) lessons will introduce you to the basic knowledge for coaches and game officials.

Lesson 1: Game, Field & Differences Between Baseball, Softball & Baseball5
An introduction to Baseball5: Overview of the basic rules, differences between Baseball, Softball and Baseball5, different ways to set-up the field.

Lesson 2: The Rulebook
A deep look into the official WBSC Baseball5 Rulebook.

Lesson 3: The Game Officials
A deep look into field officials mechanics and table official duties.

Lesson 4: Official Paperwork & Scoring
Analysis of an entire game and a brief explanation on how to fill-in the official Baseball5 line-up and score cards.

Lesson 5: Defensive Training & Warm-Up
Overview on how to structure a warm-up and defensive training sessions.

Lesson 6: Hitting Technique & Strategy
A brief look into the common mistakes and a few drills to develop proper mechanics.

Lesson 7: Game Preliminaries, Game Strategies & Practice Planning
Practical application of the most common game strategies and basic knowledge on practice planning.