Welcome to the WBSC Academy

The WBSC Academy aims to facilitate athletes, coaches, officials and Member Organisations personnel in conducting efficient self-learning of the various technical and operational topics related to Baseball, Softball, Baseball5 and Parasports.

Courses, available in English and Spanish, are instructed by specialists in each particular subject and will serve as a platform for the lessons, offering expert training and sharing of technical advice. It is hoped the WBSC Academy will help to provide the development tools necessary to further expand the sports’ popularity and practice, in both traditional and emerging baseball/softball countries and territories.

The Academy is composed of two different areas:

Open Area: Accessible to everyone through the WBSC website. It contains all educational and informative content to keep the WBSC community continuously stimulated and up to date on the latest WBSC initiatives.

Reserved Area: Dedicated to premium material and to the WBSC Licencing Programmes for officials and coaches that wish to earn a license from the world governing body for Baseball and Softball. The area is available to all WBSC Members through the MyWBSC platform; therefore, in order to receive access, all users must be registered and obtain a profile through their National Federation of belonging.

This new online learning platform adds another powerful tool to further develop our sport globally, particularly in new and emerging baseball/softball territories.

Whilst the pandemic has accelerated our need to create online e-learning tools for our Member Federations, the WBSC Academy is also part of our goal to reduce our carbon footprint across all of our activities. It is also important that we continue adapting to the new norm and that we find new ways to support our community at a time when COVID-19 continues to restrict peoples' movements.

WBSC President
Riccardo Fraccari
WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari