Licensing Programmes

The WBSC developed licensing programmes for coaches, umpires, technical commissioners and scorers for baseball and softball, with the intention to establish – with the necessary support from all parties – recognized international standards of certification.

The licensing programmes will serve as a reference point for an adequate evaluation of the general level of coaches and officials within each country and continent. Therefore, a great assessment tool for tailoring development projects based on objective strengths and weaknesses of each category compared to corresponding levels in the rest of the world.

The implementation of the WBSC Licensing Programmes will encourage the organic growth of the:

  • National coaching programmes;
  • Overall level of the umpires, scorers and TCs;
  • General development of the sport.

To attend a licensing course all participants are requested to pay the related fee.

Applications for on-site clinics shall be submitted by the Organisation Member to the WBSC through the relevant continental liaison, providing all the necessary information on the requested course.

Applications for online courses must be validated by the relevant National Federation by, first, confirming the fulfilment of the requested requirements and, second, the creation – on behalf of the attendees – of the users’ profiles within the MyWBSC platform.