What is Mini Baseball/Softball?

The purpose of the World Baseball Softball Confederation is to promote Mini Baseball/Softball among primary school children to achieve two main goals:

  • Raise awareness, knowledge and passion for baseball/softball so that it becomes widespread in countries where the game is not currently practiced as a regular sport;
  • Offer teachers an educational tool to achieve school objectives, using a sport that presents the perfect features for good practice at a school level.

The key to Mini Baseball/Softball is adapting its rules to the limited ability of the children, therefore becoming an efficient means for learning and developing skills. This happens right from the very first game. The game is therefore not only experienced by the children as a competition, but as an opportunity to learn and improve skills, behavior and understanding of rules.

The WBSC proposal for children comes directly from the game: from the very first moment children are able to compete in a real game of baseball/softball with very easy rules. These will then change with the development of the children’s technical skills according to their different needs.

The equipment required to play is very simple and completely safe:

  • Bat: made of plastic, weighing about 250 grams;
  • Ball: made from a sphere of rubber with fabric wrapped around it and weighing about 25 grams;
  • Glove: made of leather or plastic. This can be used, but it’s not mandatory;
  • Tee: a plastic tube supported by a base, on which the ball is placed. It is possible to play without a tee and only use it with those children who are unable to hit the ball thrown by the teacher.

The equipment has an important role in the game: its use represents a very efficient way of developing coordination abilities. The child is "forced" to try to either hit the ball with the bat or catch it (with a glove or bare hands). This involves a continuous process of stimulation and information, both inside and outside the body, for the child. The efficiency of this operation becomes necessary to solve the different tasks presented by the game.