Technical Course For Coaches


This programme offers the opportunity to receive, for a limited number of days, an instructor or a pool of instructors, which will run a technical course for a selected group of coaches.

Support Grant For Coaches


This programme offers to specific coach(es) a support to take part in elite development programme(s) (i.e., high level training programmes, Baseball, Softball or Baseball5 academies, international competitions, etc.), managed by the WBSC, a Continental Association or any other organisation previously approved by the WBSC.

Specifically, the grants allocated through this programme can be used to finance the following activities/items:

  • School fees, books and tuition;
  • Food and accommodation;
  • Transportation from the residence country to the location of the activity;
  • Fees for participating in specialised training centres;
  • Illness and accident insurance, if necessary.

Development of the National Coaching Structure


This programme offers the opportunity to receive, for a limited period of time (3 to 6 months on average), an instructor, or a pool of instructors, to support the development of the coaching structure in a specific country / territory.

The first step is for the WBSC and the relevant National Federation to discuss and agree on an action plan, which shall take into account all strengths and weaknesses previously assessed.

Such action plan shall outline one or more of the below items:

  • Training programme for national coaches, including field and classroom education, tests, assisted practice sessions, in game experience etc…;
  • Coaching assessment tool;
  • Coaching education structure;
  • Talent identification programme;
  • Baseball, Softball, Baseball5 school and community projects.

Only WBSC Members (National Federations, Continental Associations and Affiliate Members) may apply for the Development Programmes. Should you be interested in receiving more information or wish to submit an application please contact your Continental Liaison.