Sport Promotion

Provision of Technical Equipment


This programme offers to a National Federation or a Continental Association the opportunity to receive Baseball, Softball or Baseball5 equipment and/or financial support to purchase technical equipment.

The equipment shall be used to implement sport activities within the country or the continent, such as:

  • National/Continental championships;
  • Sports promotion activities;
  • Youth development programmes.

Support for School & Youth Community Projects


This programme offers assistance to National Federations to put in place projects aiming at spreading the discipline(s) of Baseball, Softball and/or Baseball5 through the younger generations while educating them to the values of respect, teamwork and responsibility.

Specifically, the range of services provided by the WBSC comprehends the following areas:

  • Education: dedicated manuals will be distributed by the WBSC in order to provide to the future teachers or coaches the necessary tools to implement the projects;
  • Training courses: before the beginning of the programme, the WBSC may foresee the organisation of on-site or on-line technical courses in order to train the future teachers and coaches;
  • Starter kits: WBSC will provide starter kits containing all the necessary material to put in place an appropriate field of play, together with some Baseball, Softball and / or Baseball5 equipment;
  • Assistance: depending on the projects, the WBSC may provide direct support  by, for example, grant a financial contribution, provide apparel for a national school project etc…

Only WBSC Members (National Federations, Continental Associations and Affiliate Members) may apply for the Development Programmes. Should you be interested in receiving more information or wish to submit an application please contact your Continental Liaison.