The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to evolve until it totally upset all and/or part of our habits.

The world of sport has also been involved and in particular it is necessary to pay attention to all the rules provided in the anti-doping sector. In the links below you will find all the information athletes and other members of the anti-doping community may have regarding anti-doping in light of this rapidly evolving situation.

Covid-19 Q&A

Covid-19 Updates

In the document "Impact of Covid-19 on Global Testing Programmes", the Strategic Testing Expert Group (EG) reviewed global testing statistics between March and September 2020 across the world and noted the diverse and widespread impact of the pandemic on sample collection programs of the anti-doping community.

In addition, five sample collection strategies of the following NADOs are reported: China (CHINADA), Denmark (Anti-Doping Denmark), Netherlands (Doping Authority Netherlands), Norway (Anti-Doping Norway) and the USA (USADA).

WADA has carried out a survey about the impact that Covid-19 had on anti-doping programs worldwide, sample collection, shipment and the sample analytical process. For more information, please click here.