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Athletes and athlete support personnel play a key role in protecting the integrity of baseball and softball. Any reasonable grounds for suspecting doping can be reported through REVEAL, the International Testing Agency (ITA) confidential and secure whistleblowing platform as part of WBSC’s trust in delegating its anti-doping services to the ITA.

REVEAL enables anonymous reporting in a secure manner while actively supporting the investigation of Anti-Doping Rule Violations or other potentially criminal behaviour. All information is treated confidentially and in a secure manner. Close cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), National Federations, National Anti-Doping Organizations and law enforcement agencies will ensure that intelligence shared through REVEAL is applied in the most effective way for clean sport and athlete protection.

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Who can report anti-doping information to the ITA

Anyone (athlete, athlete support personnel, officials and so on).

What type of anti-doping information can be reported to the ITA

Any information pertaining to a conduct, act, omission or occurrence which may constitute or be indicative of an anti-doping rule violation.

Secured mailbox and follow up communications

  • Anyone who submits a report on Reveal has the option to remain available for further inquiries by opening a secure mailbox.
  • When creating a mailbox, a case number would be assigned to the user, who will then choose a PIN code. The case number and PIN code will then be required to log in to the mailbox, which might contain messages and follow up questions from the ITA Intelligence & Investigation Department.
  • All communication can remain anonymous.

How anti-doping information is processed by the ITA

  1. Receipt of anti-doping information and initial assessment;
  2. Storage of the information;
  3. Classification of the anti-doping information;
  4. Processing of anti-doping intelligence;
  5. Depending on the nature of the information, it may be shared with a partner organization, or it may be investigated by the ITA.

Transfer of information to other entities

In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the ITA Whistleblowing Policy Section 7, the ITA Intelligence & Investigations Department, upon its discretion, may submit the information to the following parties:

  • The Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) responsible for the sport or event to which the sport relates.
  • Other ADOs that are relevant for the processing of information.
  • WADA.
  • National and/or international law enforcement agencies and/or public authorities having jurisdiction over the reported person(s) or fact(s).
  • Authorised service providers.

* As detailed in Section 7 of the ITA Whistleblowing Policy, the identity of the whistle-blower will not be disclosed externally unless he/she has given express and written consent to do so or where required by the law.

Protection and potential rewards available to the whistle-blower

  1. Confidentiality and protection of identity.
  2. External legal assistance and counselling.
  3. Substantial assistance benefits.
  4. Physical protection.
  5. Financial assistance and reward.

* For details on potential rewards, please see the ITA’s Whistleblowing Policy.

Obligations of the whistle-blower and abuse of the whistleblowing system

The whistleblower shall:

  • Not impersonate any other person or entity and/or use names, personal data or other information pertaining to other individuals or entities.
  • Not falsely state any purported fact, matter or information in any report submitted to the ITA.
  • Confirm, by submitting a report to ITA, that the information contained therein is true and of reasonable belief.
  • Be aware that any disclosure of anti-doping information which at any stage proves to have been made maliciously, may constitute tampering.

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Please note that this information does not replace the ITA’s whistleblower policy and in case of conflict the latter shall prevail.

Here you can find the link to the ITA whistleblower’s policy.