Match Fixing Controlling Mechanism

Any Associate must report or "whistle-blow" to the WBSC on any party/ies in violation or where there is probable cause to believe a breach has occurred as well as any suspicions. WBSC, will provide protection against any unjustified treatment in the form of providing confidential advice to whistleblowers so long as there is an honest and reasonable belief of wrongdoing or illegal betting. Any form of fraud, corruption, violation of policies, law and regulations are completely incompatible with the intrinsic values of sports. Within WBSC there is zero tolerance for such improper activities.

The WBSC Whistleblower Report Form needs to be duly filled in and submitted to either:

The report needs as much evidence as possible to authenticate the allegation(s) such as witnesses, documents and other relevant and specific advisement.

The report contains the following information:

  • WHAT improper activity occurred? 
  • WHO committed the activity? 
  • WHEN did it occur? 
  • WHERE did it happen? 
  • HOW did it happen? 
  • ANY other parties involved? 
  • EVIDENCE section

The WBSC Integrity Unit is responsible for documenting all whistleblower reports and to determine whether a follow-up is warranted. The Integrity Unit will then recommend whether a case should be submitted to a third party such as a lawyer or the police or if local authorities need to be notified to pursue local law. For clarity, the local authorities are responsible for determining whether to conduct a criminal investigation in relation to an alleged incident. All reports will be made under the guarantee of confidentiality.

Document name
Whistleblower Policy
Whistleblower Policy - Appendix 01