Governance in the Sport Landscape

Governance is the system by which organisations are directed and managed to be accountable to their internal and external stakeholders. It is the way in which expectations are made clear and the culture of the organisation is modelled.

Sport organisations should regularly consider how their governance structures allow them to best achieve their purpose and respond to the challenges of a changing environment. There is no single best structure for all sporting organisations. But each sport organisation is responsible for identifying and justifying what the best structure is for it into the future.

All sport organisations require funds and commercial revenues in order to fulfill their mission to promote and develop sport at national and world levels. These revenues are essentially re-invested in development programmes (e.g. grassroots activities, coaching courses, infrastructure, sports equipment and sports events etc.). As a result, the governance of sport organisations requires an application of both “not-for-profit” organisations’ and corporate entities’ governance models.

The WBSC, together with the WBSC Integrity Unit, has committed itself to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in its governance.